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Advertising Sales
40% of the $400 = $160

Ads are on restaurant take out menus — Our of our office or your home

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Paul 416-299-0767

Details:- This is not an hourly paid job. It is based 100% on commission. You have to be a closer.

We prints 5,000 8.5 X 11 take out menus for local restaurants for free. This is paid by full colour biz cards @ $400.00 per ad. You get paid in cash daily

The customer of the restaurants get a “take-Out” menu. They take it home. The advertiser get his message into 5,000 home for $0.05 per home. 

Job Type: Commission

Salary: $30,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year

How a sales is done
1) Call the sales lead
Leads are based on a company advertising in another place

links to samples
Where your place the invoice
Customer upload here
Sales Forms


Is the client mailed and/or emailed an invoice after payment approval?
If so, when?

we use an online service call “freshBooks” customer is emailed


– If the Art Department assistance is requested, when do they contact the client?

After payment

– Can I send the Restaurant Menu Advertisement Samples to clients by mail or email scanned copies ?

links to samples — for customer – see below

On average, how often do we ship an order of 5,000 Take-Out Menus to a restaurant?

every two months


Is a client notified when their ads are shipped to the restaurant(s)?

copy mailed to them


Is there a way for a client to keep track of the distribution progress in each restaurant?



Do you have any prospecting and/or sales targets for me?



– Is there a Toronto Menu contract or agreement for Sales Consultants?

would u like one?


Design Fee?



I’d like to confirm some information you shared with me, please correct where needed:
– A client’s ad is printed on a menu about two months after payment.
– It takes six months to a year for 5,000 menus to be distributed to restaurant guests
– A new territory can be initiated anywhere in Canada with a minimum of ten advertisement clients.

Paul Murton
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