Results Costs Instagram Ads

Results Costs Instagram Ads


















For the sake of research, I decided to put all of the above claims about Target Marketing and the benefits of Instagram to the test.

The product/service I used, Vinyl Record Pressing, is something that only appeals to a very specific niche audience, so it provides a very good illustration of how effective this form of marketing really is.

I opted for a 7-day campaign and typed in my specifications regarding target audience. After 7 days, my advertisement had made 3491 impressions on accounts with the geography and demographics of my choice. Of those 3491 impressions, I received 899 likes (nearly 25% of the audience who saw the ad showed enough interest to press like!)

If you were to place an ad in a local free newspaper that reached 20,000 homes, you can’t even guarantee half of them will even look at the paper itself. Of the 10,000 that MIGHT look at the paper, even fewer pay attention to the ad. The worst part is that there is a chance that not ONE of the people in the 20,000 homes is someone who would be remotely interested in your product.

At this point, I have a list of 899  people I can specifically reach out to and target for advertising, ALL of whom I know have interest in my product and are ideally located.

Marketing on the smartphone is the key to success nowadays. On a crowded bus, you might see two people flipping through a paper or magazine, 2 reading books, but you will see dozens starting intently at their phones, many of whom are probably checking instagram within the next couple of stops.

When you consider the cost of print advertising alone, and the true value of being able to reach countless members of your true target audience, the potential benefits outweigh the cost many times over. It only costs $400 Canadian to get these incredible results. This includes consultation, account set-up, advertising and design, and editing and photographs (if applicable). Follow-up services can also be made available for a fee.











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Results Costs Instagram Ads

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